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Bun B. Opening New Restaurant "Trill Burgers"

Bun B. is opening a pop up shop to sell "Trill Burgers" and we truly love to see it!

It's time we gratify rappers when they are doing positive and progressive things rather than all of the negativity (violence, drugs, multiple baby mommas/pregnancies) that plagues the headlines. Let's dig into Bun B. and his latest business endeavors, shall we?

Bun B. is a southern hip-hop hall of famer and UGK rapper; but don't get it twisted, Bun B. also lectures at Rice University in Houston on Hip-Hop and Religion. He was Born Bernard James Freeman on March 19, 1973, in Port Arthur, Texas and has a current net worth of $4M.

Bun B. debuted the burger pop-up concept at the Culture Map 2021 Tastemaker Awards ceremony in Texas this past weekend when they unveiled the tasty dinner style thin patties cooked on a griddle. The ceremony included more than a thousand food fans, restaurant and bar professionals and insiders at the Silver Street Studios that kicked off on July 22.

Here's what Bun B. had to day on Instagram about his latest endeavor:

For years I’ve been fascinated with the culinary scene, trying to find the best entry point for me. Today I can say I’ve found it. Join me in welcoming @trillburgers to the world! Follow us for more info on our next pop ups and watch as we take you on the burger ride of your life! Brick and mortar coming soon! @andythenguyen @bensonjohn @simplypatsy @nickscurfield let’s go!

Nothing like a Black man in the rap industry, happy, wealthy, minding his business and all about his burger buns and money..his BREAD! Lol, it's okay, you can laugh out know you want to.

Well, what are your thoughts on Bun B's new burger business? Will you be trying a 'Trill Burger'?

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