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Colin Kaepernick Lands Multi-Book Deal to Publish Children’s Books with Scholastic!

The mainstream media is dedicated to making us believe there isn't ANY good + positive Black News or Black people doing amazing things..and I'm dedicated to convincing you that: that's a lie!

It's been about 5 years since Kaep last played for the NFL and was blackballed for taking a knee and standing for what's right; but that hasn't stopped the plethora of opportunities he has to choose from!

Since then, he’s inked multiple deals with major platforms, and he now has another one to share.

His publishing company, Kaepernick Publishing, has signed a multi-publishing partnership with Scholastic to release books for kids. The debut project, I Color Myself Different (illustrated by Eric Wilkerson), is slated to hit shelves in April 2022.

He said of the book,

“This story is deeply personal to me and inspired by real events in my life. I hope that it honors the courage and bravery of young people everywhere by encouraging them to live with authenticity and purpose. I’m excited for Kaepernick Publishing to be collaborating with Scholastic on books with Black and Brown voices at the forefront. I hope that our books will inspire readers to walk through the world with confidence, strength, and truth in all they do.”

Debra Dorfman, VP and Publisher, Scholastic Global Licensing, Brands & Media, added,

“Colin’s reputation as a thought leader precedes him, but it was also clear when we met that his mission and purpose were very much aligned with Scholastic’s. We knew instantly that we wanted to share his stories, which will be impactful messages of identity and belonging for Black and Brown children.”

Ellie Berger, President and Publisher, Scholastic Trade Publishing, added,

“Colin Kaepernick’s inspiring story, with themes of identity, race, and self-esteem, will resonate deeply with all kids. We are privileged to bring this work to young readers around the world for the very first time.”

Kudos to Kaep for living up to what he stood (or kneeled) for and being BLACK + EXCELLENT!

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