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McSpaghetti: Is this Real?

To answer your question, yes! It is real, but it's only in one place.

A photo went viral of a (very tall) man at a McDonald's counter anddddd Twitter quickly zoomed in on the menu. The 'Spicy Cicken McDO' wasn't enough to cause an outrage but the 'McSpaghetti' had everyone, (myself included), up in arms.

Before I give you the rundown on where you can find this, would you try it? My stomach hurts for you, if so.

For anyone wondering about the McSpaghetti:

  • it's a Philippine McDonald's exclusive item

  • it's not like Bolognese. It's kind of sweet actually. Instead of meatballs it's sliced hotdogs and the whole thing is topped with shredded cheese

Well..what are you waiting for? Get up and go track you down some McSpaghetti..or not. Keep it sticky and real in the comments and you know..I'll be talking to you soon!

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