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R. Kelly is Broke, Has Gained Weight + Needs New Clothes, According to Attorneys

R. Kelly's attorneys are scrambling and trying every stall tactic they can think of in order to have his court date pushed back. His attorneys claim Robert's funds are so depleted, he can't even afford court transcripts.

Robert's attorneys also claim he has gained so much weight that he needs new clothes. Prosecutors will also be allowed to present evidence that the disgraced singer had “sexual contact” with singer Aaliyah when she was as young as 13 — before the pair married in 1994 when she was 15, a judge ruled Tuesday. (Click here for those details.) Kelly appeared in Brooklyn federal court for a hearing ahead of his trial; he fell asleep..and even started snoring! Meanwhile, his attorney went onto say that Robert has,

“gained weight since he’s been incarcerated. We need measurements for appropriate attire for his trial,” he said. “We’re trying to get his measurements. How can we take his size?”

The judge shot back,

“I’m not taking his size,"

Whew, chile!

Last month, prosecutors detailed a slew of new disturbing allegations against the singer, whose real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly. (Click here for those details.) Kelly, who has been locked up in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn for the past two years, continues to maintain his innocence.

"He is tired of hearing allegations. He knows the truth and I think it’s very frustrating for him to hear these allegations and know the truth is out there and he just wants it to unfold. He believes that when folks are under oath and being examined we would be able to get to the truth,”

His attorney Cannick told The Post outside the courthouse.

Well, opening statements at the trial are due to get underway on Aug. 18. What are your thoughts? Do you feel sorry for R. Kelly?

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