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R. Kelly's Attorneys Admit He Had "Sexual Contact" with Aaliyah

Things are not looking good for Robert Sylvester Kelly. His case continues to garner national attention as recent court findings and documentation confirms a lot of what the streets have been saying for years.

Some of the allegations that have been swirling on the low for years is the fact that there were male victims in addition to the countless young female victims Kelly has had inappropriate relationships and sexual contact with. Another is the fraudulent marriage Robert had with the late singer Aaliyah, listed as Jane Doe #1 in the court documents. When R. Kelly's defense team was asked,

“Are you going to deny that there was sexual contact with Jane Doe 1? [...] They were married.”

From his seat at the defense table next to Kelly, his attorney let out a deep sigh and responded,


Later, however, the same attorney seemingly walked back the non-denial in a statement to Complex via email that said,

“As I clarified on the record today in court, the defense DOES NOT concede that Mr. Kelly had underage sexual contact with Jane Doe # 1.”

So, R. Kelly's defense team does not want to deny, on the record and under oath, that Robert had sexual contact with Aaliyah. But they are willing to email media outlets with semantics; "we do not CONFIRM that he had sexual contact with her either". Um..ok.

Stay 'In the Know' for more R. Kelly trial updates + extended coverage on his defense attorneys moves as they find any and every excuse possible to stall and pushback the trial.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel bad for Robert?

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