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R. Kelly's Team Thinks Jury is Homophobic + Wants Teen Boy Evidence Thrown Out

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

R. Kelly's new defense team is a TRIP.

Allegations and court documents leaked last week (@thePLAINESTjane did some excellent coverage [WATCH HERE] and broke the story 3 hours before TMZ) of R. Kelly’s 2 alleged teenage boy victims from the mid-2000s that he met at McDonald’s.

The paperwork was damning and so were the details. But court paperwork claims to have phone records to corroborate and positively link R. Kelly to these new egregious allegations. In a last ditch effort to keep newly surfaced evidence out of court, fear filled allegations of a potentially homophobic jury are now being tossed into the mix.

Long story short, his attorneys argue the questionnaires potential jurors will see soon are "void of a single question about their opinions or feelings on same-sex relationships" — which they think is important, since that could end in negatively biased jurors on the panel who may decide unfavorably against #RKelly simply due of the nature of the evidence/allegations .. aka, the implication that R. Kelly is gay and/or bisexual. His attorneys claim, “that's not fair!” 🥴

The 2 attorneys go on to say that it's no secret that sexual orientation is still a lightning rod issue in 2021, and needs to be vetted to give Kelly an impartial jury. Because of this, the attorneys say none of the evidence should be allowed to be heard as the trial is set to begin in early to mid August. “There's just not enough time to prepare a proper defense.” 🤔..Interesting, what are your thoughts on R. Kelly’s defense teams latest moves?

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