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R. Kelly Trial: Each Witness Who's Taken the Stand Thus Far

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

It's 2021 and R. Kelly is on trial for sex trafficking and racketeering. There are approximately 400 pieces of evidence to go through and 50 witnesses too. Let's dig into each witness (will update with each day of the trial).

1. Jerhonda Pace (Jane Doe #4)

2. Demetrius Smith (Former Tour Manager)

3. Anthony Navarro (Former Employee - Worked at the studio for/with R. Kelly for 2 years)

4. Kris McGrath (R. Kelly's Doctor who has full knowledge and documentation of Robert's frequent herpes outbreaks throughout the years)

5. Carolyn Harris (Cook County Clerk - Went over process, protocols and requirements to attain marriage certificate)

6. Garrick AMSCHL (Police the officer got a call about Dominique Gardner missing while in R. Kelly's care)

7. Azriel Clary (Jane Doe #5)

8. Keith Williams (Longtime "friend" of R. Kelly)

9. Veronica Jackson - Forensic Professional (Testified and corroborated the presence of semen on the shirt/evidence of Jerhonda Pace)

10. Malak Benabdallah (Friend of Azriel - Corroborated 2015 texts she sent about R. Kelly)

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