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R. Kelly Trial: Jane Does and Witness Identities + Documentation

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

With R. Kelly's trial plaguing the headlines, and as I cover the case, I'd like to create a place to keep up with all the information I've aggregated. I'd like to keep it in order, update as much as possible and share it with you here. Enjoy and lemme know your thoughts or questions. Robert's dark past is quite the confusing web. You'll find it really hard to keep up, as the people and events all seem to cross paths at one point or another.

Robert Sylvester Kelly pictured with Jane Doe #4

Let's start with who each Jane Doe is from 1 to 19:

Jane Doe #1

Aaliyah Haughton (1979-2001)

Jane Doe #2

Heather Williams

R. Kelly is accused of illegal conduct with Jane Doe #2, Heather Williams, who met Kelly in 1999 when she was 16 after a member of Kelly’s entourage approached her at a fast-food restaurant. Prosecutors say Kelly filmed their sexual intercourse multiple times, creating child pornography. They also say she has not spoken publicly about her experience with Kelly.

Jane Doe #2 testified in R. Kelly's 2021 racketeering + and sex trafficking trial on Aug. 26, 2021, which was day 7 of the trial. Get a recap of all she had to say below. (The woman holding her head in her palms is her on the stand, via courtroom sketch.)

Jane Doe #3


Prosecutors say Jane Doe #3 met Kelly at a mall outside of Illinois in 2003 or 2004 while she was working as a radio station intern in her early 20s. Kelly allegedly invited the woman to travel to Chicago for an interview. Once in town, she was directed to a recording studio and then to a bedroom. She was told to sign a nondisclosure agreement, not to talk to anyone and to keep her head down, prosecutors say.

They said she spent three days in the locked bedroom without sustenance. Then, when a member of Kelly’s entourage gave her food and drink, she became tired and dizzy. Prosecutors say she woke up with Kelly in the bedroom “in circumstances that made clear he had sexually assaulted her while she was unconscious.”

Jane Doe #4

Jerhonda Pace
  • 26 years old

  • Married and expecting her 5th child

  • Jerhonda met R. Kelly when she was only 15 years old

  • Received a settlement, undisclosed amount

Jane Doe #5

Azriel Clary (sister wife Joycelyn Savage pictured on the right)

Via prosecution on 8/18/2021: “Zel” — known to be Azriel Clary — traveled with Kelly for five years, during which he “physically, sexually and psychologically abused her,” Melendez said, saying Kelly would sometimes violently beat her on a daily basis and make her have sex with strangers as “punishment.”

Jane Doe #6

Faith Rogers

Via prosecution on 8/18/2021: Faith contracted herpes after having sex with Kelly, Melendez said, and when she sued him he threatened to release compromising photos and video of her if she didn’t drop the lawsuit.

Prosecutors say Jane Doe #6 met Kelly when she was 19. In May 2017, Kelly allegedly had her contact an assistant to arrange for her to attend one of his concerts in New York. Prosecutors allege that Kelly showed up at her hotel room unexpectedly in the early morning hours after the concert and had sex with her without a condom, failing to tell her he had herpes. They also had sexual encounters in January and February 2018, according to prosecutors.

The feds say Jane Doe #6 appeared in the Lifetime documentary series “Surviving R. Kelly,” and her circumstances are similar to those of Faith Rodgers, who appeared in the show and filed a lawsuit against Kelly.

Jane Doe #7

Javontae Cunningham

(Did vocals on Aaliyah's first album. Claims to have seen R. Kelly and Aaliyah engaging in sexual activity on the tour bus.)

Jane Doe #8


Jane Doe #8 met R. Kelly in 1994 at a concert.

Jane Doe #9

Lizzette Martinez

Jane Does #10

Montina Woods

Judge has deemed Jane Doe #10 evidence from 2001, as ADMISSIBLE in court. According to evidence and court documents, a member of R. Kelly's team recruited Jane Doe #10 at a concert. She later became afraid and concerned that an encounter with Robert was filmed and she reached a settlement with R. Kelly on said matter.

Jane Doe #11


Jane Doe #12

Unknown and DECEASED!

Jane Doe #13

Alias "Alexis" ..testified Sept. 2, 2021 (Day 11 of the trial)

Jane Doe #14


Jane Doe #15

Precious Way

Jane Doe #16

Andrea Payton aka 'Juice'

According to court evidence and documentation, R. Kelly started a sexual relationship with Andrea Payton aka 'Juice' when she was aged 16 or 17 and that she stayed with him until 2017. The judge has deemed said evidence ADMISSIBLE in his current 2021 sex trafficking trial. (She may not testify.) Jane Doe #5, Azriel Clary, claims to have been intimidated by Andrea and court documents state Andrea, under R. Kelly's direction somehow had indirect control over Azriel and other girls/victims.

Jane Doe #17

Dominique Gardner

Jane Doe #18

Halle Calhoun

Jane Doe #19

Vonecia Andrews aka Vee aka Vada

In Nov. 2018, R. Kelly summoned Vee to travel to Chicago where he made her provide her driver's license to an assistant to photocopy and sign an NDA. R. Kelly told her she needed to decide which team she was on, "Team Kelz" or the other one and that she had a beautiful family and she did not want to be "handled," a comment that Jane Doe #19, Vonecia Andrews, construed as a threat. Finally, R. Kelly had her write a text message to R. Kelly containing falsehoods. (All this, according to court documents.)


When Vada found out Azriel was R. Kelly's main girl, she had a mental breakdown and tried to poison Azriel and R. Kelly's food, according to Azriel's testimony to Tasha K.


John Doe #1

Richard Arline Jr.

John Doe #2


Employee #1

Cheryl Mack (Former Assistant)

London on Da Track's mother


Lawyer #1

Susan Loggins

When Jane Doe #15 was 18 years of age, she ended her relationship with R. Kelly after leaving the recording studio; she went to the hospital where she confided in a nurse about alleged sexual abuse at the hands of R. Kelly. She filed a police report and retained an attorney, Susan Loggins. Susan aka Lawyer #1 was set to represent her in a lawsuit against R. Kelly. According to court records, $400,000 was transferred from R. Kelly to Lawyer #1, corroborated via bank records. And a little under $400,000 was then given to Jane Doe #15; she repeatedly declined to meet with law enforcement.


Witness #1

Demetrius Smith

Demetrius Smith helped an underage Aaliyah get married to R. Kelly before her family had it annulled. He helped bride the Cook County Clerks forge documents and was present at the wedding ceremony.

Witness #2

Asante McGee

Here are some of the pieces of the puzzle that I haven't quite placed yet..

This HAS TO BE "Kitty". We do not have a Jane Doe number that correlates with "Kitty" yet. What's really odd about this is the judge initially stated there would be no nick names allowed in the trial, but it is evident that they ARE allowing nicknames to fly. This "Sonja" person must be "Kitty." Via prosecution on 8/18/2021: Sonja was a 22-year-old radio intern near Salt Lake City who flew to Chicago in hopes of an interview; instead she was confined to a room in Kelly’s studio for three days straight, then fell “immediately” asleep after drinking a warm Coke his associate handed her, Melendez said. She woke up with her underwear off, and saw Kelly in the corner doing up his pants, Melendez said.

Then we have "Stephanie". I have not quite placed Stephanie with an actual identity yet. Via prosecution on 8/18/2021: Stephanie met Kelly at the Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonalds when she was a teenager; a year later, when she was 17, he had sex with her over the course of six to eight months, and Kelly filmed the encounters, making child pornography, Melendez said.

Soo, what are your thoughts?

Sign in and sound off down below: your thoughts on R. Kelly's long list of Jane Does, John Does, witnesses, employees and lawyers. In the interim, get caught up as I present case updates via video. Don't forget to check back later, as I will be updating this data bank with additional information as it become available. Talk to you soon!


As for the ones we haven't quite figured out yet:

Tiffany Hawkins

Tiffany Hawkins sued R. Kelly for $10 million in 1996 for because she “suffered personal injuries and severe emotional harm because she had sex with the singer and he encouraged her to participate in group sex with him and other underage girls,” according to Rolling Stone. That lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed sum two years after it was filed. She met R. Kelly when she was just 15. He encouraged her to have sex with him and other girls, including her 14 year old friend who was included in the lawsuit as a witness. Although Rolling Stone reports it was settled for an "undisclosed amount" ..other sources state the lawsuit was settled for $250k and she and her family were given a gag order.

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Lynnice Allen
Lynnice Allen
Sep 04, 2021


Sunshine Gem
Sunshine Gem
Sep 01, 2021

Ebony Wilkins was the friend that Tiffany Hawkins brought that he was sleeping with. He gave Tiffany a job with Aaliyah as well before the pregnancy. So one person may be Enony Wilkins and Kitty I believe is #3.


Aug 27, 2021

I think kitty is The one that people say she lied. her name rings a bell and something about her daughter calling her out


Lala Killah
Lala Killah
Aug 27, 2021

😮 yooo as the syrup thickens i cant believe how he got away with this for so long. wow i feel for these women and i know more shocking revels are on the way. Thank Queen for all your time and effort to get us the real sticky to us we appreciate you.❤️


Spicey Ky
Spicey Ky
Aug 27, 2021

This mess is getting stickier and stickier!

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