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50 Cent Wants Judge To Order $6k Sanction Against T. Mari After She Allegedly Blocks Attempt2collect

At this point, it's not 50 Cent being petty, the truth is: THEY'RE BOTH BROKE (allegedly)!

As previously reported, a judge ordered Tearra Mari to pay 50 Cent $37,000 after she lost a court battle against him (she sued him and her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad for revenge porn in 2019).

50 Cent’s efforts to collect have failed as he accuses her of blocking his attempt to collect – he reportedly even tried to get details on her income from VH1 to seize her paychecks. Now, he wants a judge to order a $6,385 sanction against the Love & Hip Hop star.

He pointed out that she was already supposed to provide information about her financial status by June 24 but as of a month later, she has yet to do so.

A lawyer for 50 Cent (born Curtis Jackson) wrote in court documents obtained by Radar,

“Mari’s failure to provide any responses to Jackson’s Discovery Requests is a prime example of Mari’s misuse of the discovery process, and her overall gamesmanship permeating this entire lawsuit and the judgment enforcement proceeding.”

Teairra Mari has been quiet about 50 Cent’s most recent claims, but she previously spoke out about his efforts to get the funds he’s owed.

In April 2019, she shared a photo of her wearing the shirt,

“Ain’t Got It”

She also released a diss song about 50 Cent of the same name.

In her lawsuit, Teairra Mari alleged her ex-boyfriend leaked footage of their intimate moments online. She accused 50 Cent of sharing a picture of it with the caption, “Get the strap”, which she said was threatening. Still, 50 Cent argued that the photo didn’t show Teairra Mari involved in any sexual acts or any private parts. A judge agreed and ordered her to pay $30,000 in legal fees, plus $7,733 after she failed to pay.

What are your thoughts on 50 Cent wanting a $6,000 sanction against Teairra Mari? Comment and let us know.

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