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Azriel Clary Will Testify Against R. Kelly Next Week in Court Despite Threats & Harassment

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Azriel Clary (left) and sister-wife, at the time, Joycelyn Savage (right). 2019

Disgraced singer Robert Sylvester Kelly aka R. Kelly is facing another set of charges in what is arguably the highest profile federal case we've seen all year. Jane Does #5 is Azriel Clary and she's set to testify against R. Kelly next week.

Azriel's father, Angelo Clary, has shared with TMZ exclusively, that he, Azriel and his family have been exposed to threats and harassment because of Azriel's bravery to speak up and out against R. Kelly after they broke up and she left the house. If you recall, there was a very explosive argument between Azriel and sister-wife Joycelyn Savage that was the final straw for Azriel and prompted her to revoke her "ride or die" stance for Robert.

Azriel and parents Alice & Angelo Clary in Jan. 2020

According to her dad, Azriel is looking forward to showing her strength and telling her truth in court as R. Kelly watches. Angelo says,

Nobody's forcing his daughter to testify. It's her decision based on her belief that what Kelly did to her and others is wrong, and she wants to do it for the sake of justice and to show what a monster he truly is.

As for the targeted online threats, attacks and harassment Azriel and her family have had to endure, all the way down to R. Kelly fans posting their contact info and even harassing them at work - that's not going to stop Azriel from speaking her truth.

Azriel Clary's parents Angelo & Alice Clary.

You may recall, Azriel's car was set on fire last year, and just months ago a man pled guilty in the case. Something Azriel's family states is just one of many attempts to silence her. Angelo says his daughter's stress level is high as she prepares for her testimony, but he's adamant Azriel will not back down - and he'll be right there in the courtroom to support her.

..well, you know I'm on the case and I wanna know your thoughts! Keep it sticky + real down below on the comments and catch up on all that went down in court this week with the link below. There was a lottttt of mind blowing testimony from Jane Doe #4 and R. Kelly's doctor. When I tell you my jaw dropped when I read it all, I MEAN THAT! Get familiar with the website, there are plenty of R. Kelly articles and documentation that I aggregate, organize and store and present to you! Did you hear about the "secret baby"?

No? Chile..I got the details and I found her in Atlanta.But..

..we'll get into that to you soon!

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